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RPMI 1640 without L-glutamine


Lonza Biowhittaker RPMI 1640 is a general purpose medium with a broad range of mammalian cell culture applications, especially hematopoietic cells such as human normal and neoplastic leukocytes.

Depending on the cell type RPMI 1640 can be supplemented with serum, growth factors, cytokines, vitamins and amino acids.

All Lonza BioWhittaker® Cell Culture Media products are manufactured in accordance with cGMP regulations. The formulations used for standard liquid media products are those recommended by the Tissue Culture Association.

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Cat no. Description
BE12-167F RPMI 1640 without L-Glutamine 500ml
12-167Q RPMI 1640 without L-Glutamine 1 L
BE12-167F/12 RPMI 1640 without L-Glutamine 12x500 ml
12-167Q/12 RPMI 1640 without L-Glutamine, 12 x 1 L
BE04-558F RPMI 1640 without L-Glutamine with HEPES, 500 ml
BE12-918F RPMI 1640 without L-Glutamine or Phenol Red, 500 ml
12-167F/24 RPMI 1640 w/o L-Gln 24 x 500ml
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