NanoPhotometer: the most accurate, no-maintenance Nanodrop alternative

Why choose the NanoPhotometer

Sample compression: superior accuracy

The sample is squeezed between quartz surfaces at a fixed distance. This allows highly accurate measurement of both nucleic acid and protein solutions. In addition, the sample is fully enclosed, which prevents evaporation.

No maintenance, no recalbibration

The Nanophotometer uses accurate path lengths defined by high-precision metal parts. Its sample window is made of fully scratch-resistant quartz. This eliminates any maintenance, recalibration or reconditioning and ensures lifetime accuracy.

Easy to use

Using the NanoPhotometer is simple and straightforward, and requires little or no training, even for novice users. The intuitive software provides one-step method access to pre-programmed and customizable applications.

Flexible options to match your needs

  • 1-channel or 12-channel
  • color touchscreen
  • built-in vortex
  • cuvette holder
  • battery pack

Compare models: which NanoPhotometer is ideal for you?

Channels 12 1 1 1
Sample Volume 2 – 3.5 µl 0.3 – 2 µl 0.3 – 2µl 0.3 – 2µl
Built-In Cuvette No Yes No No
Built-In vortex No Yes Yes No
Touchscreen Yes Optional Optional Optional
Battery pack Optional Optional Optional No


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