LUNA Automated Cell Counters – Accurate, fast & affordable automatic cell counting

The LUNA family of automated cell counters are the perfect choice for easy, fast and accurate cell counting. The small and powerfull automated cell counters bring you the lowest costs with the greatest convenience. 

  • The LUNA-II is cell counting convenience at its finest: simply insert your sample and the LUNA-II does the rest: autofocus, adjust light, and count in just 15 seconds.
  • The LUNA-FL is a real powerhouse equipped with dual fluorescence and brightfield optics. This fluorescence cell counter can assess cell counts, viability, and GFP transfection efficiency without being limited by cell type or size.
Cell Counter
Detection Method
Target Cell types
Optimal Cell size
Live/Dead analysis
Counting speed


LUNA-II Automated Cell Counter
Yes, On/Off option in software
Cell lines
8-30 um

< 10 sec manual focus

< 15 sec autofocus


Luna-FL Fluorescent Cell Counter
Brightfield & Fluorescence
Manual focus
Yes, On/Off option in software
Cell lines, primary cells, yeast, blood cells
1-90 um

< 10 sec brightfield

< 30 sec fluorescence


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