SmartExtraction: simple automation of DNA isolation

  • Easy to automate on any liquid handling system*

  • Extremely high yield and purity

  • High molecular weight DNA

  • Fast, simple routines ideal for high throughput

35 years after the birth of silica-based DNA/RNA isolation, a novel, fundamentally different nucleic acid extraction technology has been developed by Analytik Jena, one of Westburg’s main suppliers. SmartExtraction makes the entire nucleic acid isolation workflow much faster and easier, and is ideal for automation.

SmartExtraction: DC-Technology® meets Smart Surfaces

With SmartExtraction you can forget about phenol/chloroform, ion exchange resins, silica spin columns, beads or magnetic particles. It uses only 1 ml pipet tips containing material with a modified surface that binds nucleic acids with high capacity and selectivity.

From binding to elution, the entire process consists of nothing more than pipetting up and down. And because the DNA no longer needs to be bound to magnetic particles or silica, time-consuming steps such as resuspension and separation/centrifugation are also eliminated.

The buffer chemistry used is Analytik Jena’s patented DC-Technology®, a unique combination of chaotropic and non-chaotropic salts at low ionic strength that enable nucleic acid extraction at exceptionally high yield and purity. 

It's simply pipetting up and down, so easy to automate

What makes SmartExtraction totally different is that it eliminates the need for a number of work sequences, extra materials and specialized equipment. The entire extraction process takes place right inside the pipette tip. This means that special devices, such as magnets, vacuum units or centrifuges, are no longer needed.

* This is a perfect match for automation and gives you maximum flexibility in instrument choice. The SmartExtraction concept is not linked to any single platform: the technology can be used on all Analytik Jena pipetting systems (InnuPure® C16 & C96, CyBio® SELMA and CyBio® FeliX) and may be adapted to other liquid-handling systems having a 1 ml pipetting head.

Exceptionally high DNA yield and purity

Besides being easy to process, SmartExtraction is superior to other technologies in terms of yield, DNA quality, and efficiency criteria as well: given appropriate starting materials, its tremendous binding capacity makes the technology suitable for extracting large amounts of high-molecular weight DNA.

In many applications, the technology yields much greater quantities of extracted nucleic acids than can be achieved with magnetic-particle technology combined with automated pipetting and extraction systems – all while greatly reducing the amount of prep time needed.

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