CELENA S brings you the easiness of image capturing

You’re finally set behind that fluorescence microscope and then it hits you: how does this thing work?????

It’s a typical question that comes along when working with conventional microscopes ‘that can do everything’. Sure, they have a bunch of features that you can play with all day long, but it also requires some expertise to get that playing going.

How about a multicolor fluorescence microscope that gets you the high-quality images you need for publication, but don’t give you the sweats to capture those images?

Introducing the CELENA S: easy capturing of high-quality images

The CELENA™ S brings you the high-end features you need to capture high-quality images, like a scientific-grade CMOS camera and five proven quality objective lenses to choose from. And that's not it: handling the instrument is very easy with its onboard computer and integrated analysis software. With just a few mouse clicks, you can also generate time lapse and Z-stack images in a flash.

So, there is no reason to sacrifice image quality or a user-friendly microscope workflow: the CELENA™ S has it all.

Now, this all may sound ‘too good to be true’, but just see it yourself!