Get ready for summer!

Summer is here! And that's just one of the reasons some people want to lose a few extra pounds to fit that bathing suit. Unfortunately, as obesity is increasing, it's not that easy. But there is hope... 

The obesity epidemic is increasing; not only in the US, but also in the Netherlands the number of overweighted people has increased. To tackle the fat, we are overwhelmed with diet plans like Weight Watchers, Cambridge, Sonja Bakker and many more. But they do not reach the effect we want to. So now what?

Fat tackle: shorten your cilia!

Researchers have put effort in finding alternatives to tackle body fat. Since stem cells can differentiate into fat cells, a recent study has focused on perturbing this type of stem cell differentiation.

As it seemed, the stem cell cilia (those hair-like structures found on various cell types) are affected when differentiation into fat cells is disturbed. Promoting the differentiation of stem cells into fat cells elongates the stem cell cilia. In other words, shorten your cilia if you want to lose those few pounds!

It's not that simple though...

Ofcours, it will not be that easy to shorten the cells' cilia in order to reduce fat. More research will have to be done to get insight in the compounds that affect the lengthening of stem cell cilia. However, studies like these do open doors towards, hopefully, more effective ways to beat obesitas.