Get your data published!

How does your lab ensure that each lab member is doing Western blots in a consistent, repeatable way so that everyone can be confident in the results and data submitted for grants and publications? Join us to learn about a new free online Western Blot training series.

The world is changing..and your Western Blot analysis needs to change with it.

Journals like Science, Nature, Cell, and the Journal of Biological Chemistry are changing minimum content requirements and adopting rigorous publishing guidelines. To secure publication, and ultimately new research funding, you need to start collecting more consistent, accurate and reproducible Western Blot data.

Training Solutions for Robust and Replicable Western Blots

Join our 30 minutes webinar on Wednesday, October 25th, 2017 to learn about the reproducibility crisis and initiatives being implemented by funding agencies and publishers. Then, learn about a new free online training series, Lambda U, developed by Western blotting experts that will help you and your team get the best Western blotting data.

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