What is more valuable than your time?

Having spent already too much time on isolating primary human blood cells for your research? Take things easy and just order them.

It’s nothing new: the process of finding the answers behind biological processes and diseases of all sort is time consuming. As time is precious, wouldn’t you want to win some of that back? Start by outsourcing the collection of primary human blood cells for your research and get your research going.

Introduction of HemaCare human primary blood cells

For your convenience we introduce to you our new HemaCare products: quality, controlled, consistent and viable primary human blood cells. Peripheral blood, cord blood or bone marrow samples are collected from IRB consented healthy or disease-state human volunteer donors. All collections are done under cGMP and cGTP guidelines, so you know it’s safe and clean.

Choose unprocessed samples or isolated cell populations

You can choose from unprocessed samples like whole blood or bone marrow aspirates. To save you more time, we can even isolate the cells you need for you. Get cells like stem cells, NK cells, B- and T-cells, dendtritic cells and more.

Find your type of human primary blood cells and get back that valuable time!