How GENIUS: successful DNA transfections by our customers

Researchers successfully use our Westburg branded products: we are proud to share the first publications that show successful use of our GENIUS DNA transfection reagent.

GENIUS DNA transfection reagent from Westburg can be perfectly used to gain high transfection efficiency in various cells, including cancerous cell lines. And that is exactly what Loriot and colleagues have experienced with their melanoma cell line Mi13443-MEL.

GENIUS for Cancer Research

The group at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research showed the importance of microRNA-767 in human tumors through successful stable transfections using GENIUS. Through introduction of luciferase reporter vectors in melanoma cell lines, Loriot showed effective downregulation of the TET1 and TET3 genes by introduction of miR-767. The melanoma cell line Mi13443-MEL also showed sufficient amounts of endogenous miR-767 to inhibit TET1 through direct interaction with the gene and, thus, use of an miR-767 inhibitor resulted in induced TET1 expression in these cells. Read the complete article:

GENIUS for transcription regulation

Toon Verheyen and colleagues have used our GENIUS DNA transfection reagent to successfully transfect various protein phosphatase-1 (PP1) isoforms into HeLa cells and map hundreds of PP1 promotor binding sites. Hereby, they gave us more insight in the role of PP1 as a key regulator of transcription, including the specificity of the chromatin targeting of the PP1 isoforms and their crosstalk with PP1 interacting proteins (PIP’s). Get the complete article: