How terminal breathing makes RNA-Seq a breeze

Amaryllis Nucleics has developed Breath Capture Technology: the most efficient method for producing RNA sequencing libraries. See how it works.

The method starts with synthesis of first strand cDNA on an mRNA template. Nothing special so far, but here is where it starts to get different from any other method. We take advantage of a naturally occurring process called terminal breathing: the opening and closing of double stranded nucleic acids at the ends. This is a function of thermal energy even at low temperature.

When the ends open up this is when an adapter can interact: the actual Breath Capture. A second enzyme makes this interaction permanent into second strand cDNA. The simplicity of Breath Capture saves several steps over conventional methods. Following breath capture we do a PCR to amplify the sample and a final sample cleanup for sequencing. The entire process is just five steps and takes only four hours to complete.

Breath Capture Technology is now incorporated into the YourSeq RNAseq Library Kit, available from Westburg.

Watch the Breath Capture animation