Image Studio Lite: a Western analysis dream come true, without the unicorn

If you are using software to analyze your Western blots, such as ImageJ, you will appreciate the simplicity of using Image Studio Lite instead. Image Studio Lite is like a dream come true, but without the unicorn... And it's free!




With Image Studio Lite software you can:

  • Import images from numerous sources
  • Adjust brightness/contrast
  • Define bands using shapes tools
  • Obtain relative fluorescent units for shapes
  • Export images and data
  • Create lab notebooks

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SelectScience user reviews for Image Studio Lite

"The software is pretty intuitive to use, which makes it quite easy. It helps me a lot to acquire robust data quickly, also considering the background (which is a bit of a problem when using ImageJ, for instance).”
– Elena Ilin, Edinger Institute/University Hospital Frankfurt

"I would definitely recommend this product. Image Studio Lite enabled me to extract and analyze data from almost every Western blot I conducted.”
– Lauren Strohbehn, Calvin College

"It is a robust piece of software that enables quick, accurate, and reliable quantization of my western blots. I encourage all of my coworkers and labmates to use the software, it makes quantifying your proteins so simple." 
– Corey Powers, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

“If you want to use this for WB analysis, quantification, and saving your images in a very easy to use program and organization system then this is a solid choice.” 
– Mark Chen, Duke University