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Cancer immunotherapeutic approaches are based on the generally-accepted hypothesis that the immune system is the best tool humans have to fight diseases. How that works? Read about cancer immunotherapy and get free downloads at our NEW knowledge center webpages!

In the western world, 1 out of 3 people develop cancer: most of us know someone in their social circle that suffers this disease. And although progress has been made the past years to treat cancer, the disease is very complicated, making it difficult to find the ever-wanting cure.

The complexity of cancer

Cancer is complicated: the disease consists of over 100 distinct cancer types that manifest in approximately 200 cell types. Cancers develop over time in 5-10% of the cases due to genetic inheritance. The majority of cancers however (70-90%) are the result of a wide range of environmental risk factors. So where do you begin when you want to treat cancer effectively?

Cancer Immunotherapy: the breakthrough

Immunotherapeutic approaches to treat cancer are rapidly making headway and it has been stated as the breakthrough of the year 2013 by Science magazine. [1]

Such approaches are based on the hypothesis that the immune system is the best tool humans have to fight diseases, including cancers. To this end, the patient's immune system can be actively stimulated so that the immune cells can recognize and effectively kill cancer cells.

Other immunotherapeutic approaches include more passive approaches, including adoptive cell therapy or the use of monoclonal antibodies.

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1. Jennifer Couzin-Frankel. Cancer Immunotherapy. Science; 20 Dec 2013: Vol. 342, Issue 6165, pp. 1432-1433