Why & how to culture Serum Free: join one of our seminars

Have you ever considered the risks of using serum in your cell cultures? Learn more during one of our seminars on Serum Free cell culture!

Are you fully aware of the current developments in Serum Free cell culture, and the options that are available for you? Would you like to know how to get started? Then this seminar is something you should not miss!

During the seminars we will give you a deeper look into culturing your cells in serum free media and

  • explain why you should choose for serum free cell culture
  • guide you how you can switch to serum free cell culture
  • discuss what your serum free media possibilities are
  • show data and examples of serum free cell cultures
  • elaborate on existing and new serum free products

Seminar dates and locations

Learn all about the advantages, applications and tools to culture serum free and join one of our seminars. The seminars will be given at different locations on November 2nd and 3rd (in Belgium) and November 9th and 10th (in The Netherlands).

Learn more about serum-free media here and see how we can help you with switching to serum-free cell culture!