NanoPhotometer N120: 12 samples in 20 seconds

Westburg introduces the Implen NanoPhotometer N120 - the world’s first 12 channel microvolume spectrophotometer. The instrument’s record breaking design allows for rapid analysis of up to 12 samples at a time over a wide concentration range in as little as 2 µl.

New 12-channel NanoPhotometer N120

New 12-channel NanoPhotometer N120

Highest accuracy, no recalibration

Patented Sample Compression Technology™ with fixed path lengths allows for unmatched accuracy and precision, independent from surface tension and free from evaporation. Lifetime accuracy guaranteed.

12 samples in 20 seconds

NanoPhotometer N120 offers full scan capability range from 200 - 900 nm for rapid and complete sample analysis in as little as 1.7 seconds per sample, Now you can measure 96 samples up to 100 times faster with less operational steps required compared to other scanning measurement methods such as most microplate readers. In addition you get detailed information for each sample – including full high resolution scan results along with sample purity ratios.

Easy handling and cleaning

Precise loading of samples onto the NanoPhotometer N120 is very easy with the unique single and multi-channel pipette positioning guides and illuminated sample windows. Cleaning the sample areas is a breeze: simply swipe with a KimWipe.