Escape from literature overload with Sciencescape

Are you overwhelmed by the huge number of papers published every day? Looking for a way not to miss that important new paper in the literature haystack? Your search is over.

2000 new papers each day

You’ve probably noticed it’s getting harder and harder to stay on top of science. Science is changing, everything is moving faster, getting bigger and scaling up. Did you know that nowadays 2000 new papers are published every day?

I guess you’ll recognize this experience. Say you want to know what’s going on in a field of research. You go over to PubMed, Google Scholar or Highwire, and search using keywords. Inevitably you’ll find thousands of relevant papers. And that would be fine if you already knew exactly which ones you’re looking for. But usually you don’t.

Because there’s no way to read them all,.you’re left sifting through titles and scanning for the names of journals, people, institutions, other keywords. And here’s the thing: if you want to stay current you have to repeat this as often as possible. There has to be a better way...

Sciencescape: stay on top of science

How would you organize and follow science if the system were built today? This is the question that Sam Molyneux, a PhD student in cancer genomics, and his sister Amy, an expert in complex web technologies, asked themselves. And they came up with a great answer: Sciencescape.

Sciencescape scans, groups, tags, and categorizes every research paper published in a peer-reviewed Journal and then gives you the possibility to retrieve any parts that matter to you. Sciencescape completely covers the biomedical sciences, and is updated in real-time from PubMed.

Never miss another important paper

So instead of just continually searching, Sciencescape offers a giant evolving map of papers, according to the fields, topics, people, institutes, labs, places, ... You just subscribe to the areas that are key to what you do, and new publications are delivered right to you. Just like in a Twitter timeline. So you never miss another important paper.



With ScienceScape you can finally stay on top of science and focus on what you really want to be doing. Like making your next big discovery!

Go check it out.