Swift Biosciences improves RNA-Seq speed and costs

New Swift RNA Library Kits - powered by Adaptase® technology

Leveraging patented Adaptase® technology, Swift RNA Library Kits allow direct conversion of first-strand cDNA into high-quality NGS libraries for Illumina® sequencing. Two kit versions are available. The Swift Rapid RNA Library Kit is the fastest and lowest-priced RNA-Seq library prep kit on the market, while the Swift RNA Library Kit supports a broad input range and offers superior data quality for transcript mapping and detection.


Unique Adaptase® technology

Adaptase is a totally different technology that enables stranded RNA library construction directly from 1st strand cDNA, which avoids both the time and bias of 2nd strand cDNA synthesis and the inefficiency of template-switching methods. Efficient, unbiased Adaptase-powered conversion of transcripts gives you a high complexity RNA-Seq library and excellent data.

Addressing the need to spend less time and money on RNA-Seq

“Core facility managers across the globe told us they wanted to spend less time and money making RNA-Seq libraries”, said Drew McUsic, PhD, Swift’s Sr. Product Manager. “With more than half of all NGS libraries in the world being prepared for RNA sequencing, Swift is introducing faster and lower-cost workflows that meet that need. Our kits also incorporate product features to support library prep automation, consistent library yields and low adapter dimers across a wide range of input amounts, and best-in-class transcriptomics data without requiring input-dependent adapter titration.”

Swift RNA Library Kits Highlights:

  • Quickly and reproducibly generate libraries with low dimers and no adapter titration
  • Save on library prep costs
  • Compatible with automated liquid handling robots, with supplied reagent overfills, custom packaging options, and FAS Support

With Swift RNA Library Kit:

  • Support a broad range of RNA inputs, from as little as 10 ng total RNA or 100 pg of poly(A)-enriched mRNA or rRNA-depleted RNA
  • Maximize mapping rates, genes detected, and transcript coverage

With Swift Rapid RNA Library Kit:

  • Go from RNA to library in 3.5 hours
  • Save as much as 50% on the cost of library prep

RNA-Seq applications and sample types

  • Gene Expression Profiling, Alternative Splicing, Rare and Novel Transcripts, Gene Fusions, Isoforms, Structural Variants, Allele-Specific Expression, Disease-associated SNVs
  • Hybridization Capture Enrichment
  • High Quality RNA (blood, saliva), Degraded RNA (RIN <7), Low Input (< 100 ng total RNA)