What do you choose?

Are you an A-brand buyer at all times, whether it’s for your groceries or your research products? You don’t have to, at least not for research plastics. The choice is all yours.....

Research costs are sky high: the time has come for you to lower them so you can keep on ‘researching’. One way to do that, is by replacing your expensive A-brand research plastics for high quality, but lower priced products. To help you, Westburg has done the extensive search for you to find high quality products while not paying too much for it. And we found them!

Westburg own brand products: high quality, low price guaranteed

We proudly present our Westburg brand products: our AmpliStar PCR Plastics and TripleA Pipet Tips. Get your hands on these research plastics of our own brand and experience high quality products at a much lower price. If you need a plastic to run your PCR or go even down to basic (and filter!) pipet tips, good chances you can find the products you need in our own brand portfolio.

Get started: get rid of your expensive A-brand plastics

So replace your A-brand PCR plastics and pipet tips with our Westburg brand products. We believe in our products and guarantee you, you will be satisfied!

Convince yourself and try our products now for free.

Westburg AmpliStar PCR Plastics and TripleA Pipet Tips