Accel-Amplicon Custom NGS Panels

  • Easier and faster targeted resequencing for Illumina platforms

  • Complete libraries from 10 ng DNA in 2 hours

  • Highly multiplexed, single-tube format

  • No need to split the sample across multiple PCR reactions

  • Enables overlapping amplicons for contiguous regions of coverage

Accel-Amplicon Custom NGS Panels offer an easier and faster, targeted resequencing workflow for Illumina platforms.

Limited-time offer: FREE panel design & validation

  • Panel design and validation is done by Swift Biosciences free of charge, saving you thousands of Euro's per project.
  • Price per sample may vary based on the panel size and number of reactions ordered.
  • The offer ends on April 30, 2018. This means you have to submit the gene list, complete a design and place your order by April 30, 2018.  .
  • Your order must contain a minimum size of 96 reactions per design.  
  • There is no limit to the number of projects/designs you order before April 30th.

How to set up your custom panel

Starting is easy. Just follow these 3 simple steps.

  1. Download the Accel-Amplicon Custom NGS Panel Target Submission Form (Excel sheet)
  2. Complete the form with your design targets, including gene name, gene coordinates or SNP ID. Just fill in the appropriate column(s) of the submission form.
  3. Email the completed file to

The Swift Biosciences team will get in touch with you in 2 business days. What happens after that is described in detail in the Design Guide.