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In a prospective research study by Nair et. al. published in PLoS Medicine, the Accel-Amplicon™ 56G Oncology Panel and the Accel-Amplicon custom panel were utilized to detect somatic mutations in genes associated with endometrial cancer from blood samples and paired uterine lavage fluid (HMW gDNA and cfDNA) collected from 107 women undergoing a hysteroscopy procedure.  In this study, the Accel-Amplicon Panels were used to successfully detect low allele frequency (≥ 1%).

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Nair et al. Genomic analysis of uterine lavage fluid detects early endometrial cancers and reveals a prevalent landscape of driver mutations in women without histopathologic evidence of cancer: A prospective cross-sectional study

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The study used the Accel-Amplicon 56G Oncology panel: an all-in-one oncology panel with sample identification.

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