CELENA S - the ultimate all-in-one digital imaging system

One instrument for digital imaging and data analysis.

One instrument to replace the complex setup of traditional fluorescence microscopes, extensive imaging equipment, computers and image analysis software

One instrument that's small, powerful and easy to use

With the CELENA S Digital Imaging System you capture publication-quality fluorescence, brightfield, and phase contrast images with just a few mouse clicks.

Its interchangeable LED filter cubes offer flexible, powerful and uniform illumination at no maintenance cost for more than 50.000 hours.

Packed with intuitive software for many imaging applications

  • Multicolor fluorescence & brighfield imaging
  • Onboard data analysis
  • Live cell monitoring
  • Z-stack imaging
  • Automated cell count & viability analysis

The best thing about the CELENA S is the image quality. We can use it for quick screening or for data collection and in both cases get sharp, detailed images. The multipurpose nature of the CELENA S software makes it a great addition to our lab. Our researchers l earned to get high-quality images in a few minutes, which is great compared to the hours of training and practice it takes to learn on a traditional setup

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