High Quality Validated ELISA kits

Key features & data provided with all ELISA kits from ELISAGenie

  • >20 ELISA kit species for your choice, including human, rat, mouse, horse, sheep and many more

  • ELISA kits are provided with standard curve data

  • Linearity & spike recovery are performed for each ELISA kit batch produced

  • All kits are analyzed for inter- and intra-assay variabiliy (CV%)

  • Sensitivity and range are determined for most ELISA kits

Why choose ELISAGenie's validated ELISA kits?

ELISAGenie offers you over 16,000 high quality validated ELISA kits for over 20 species! But there is more:

  • We offer you the technical and scientific support you need, at any time
  • We help you with troubleshooting if you encounter any issues
  • If we can't fix your issue, we will offer you a replacement that is suitable for your research
  • If everything else fails, we will guarantee you a 100% money-back

With over 16,000 ELISA kits for >20 species, ELISAGenie can offer you any choice of ELISA kit that you need to get your research done in various research fields:

  • Immunology & Infection ELISA kits - Top picks like, TNFalpha ELISA, STAT3 ELISA, CXCL16 ELISA, IL-6 ELISA, NFkappaB ELISA and many more
  • Cellular signaling ELISA kits - Top picks like TGFbeta ELISA, Notch ELISA, cAMP ELISA, PI3Kinase ELISA, cGMP ELISA and many more
  • Cancer EILSA kits - Top picks like VEGF ELISA, ALK ELISA, GM-CFS ELISA, RAS ELISA, ALK ELISA and many more
  • Metabolism ELISA kits - Top picks like NOS1 ELISA, GLUT2 ELISA, Cytochrome C ELISA, CYP ELISA kits and many more
  • Neuroscience ELISA kits - Top picks like B-Amyloid ELISA, RANTES ELISA, Cortisol ELISA, NGF ELISA, Tau ELISA and many more
  • Stem cells ELISA kits - Top picks like BMP ELISA, CD31 ELISA, OCT4 ELISA, SOX4 ELISA, NANOG ELISA and many more


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