Superb NGS library prep with enzymatic DNA fragmentation

Get excellent sequencing results without Covaris shearing: discover the Westburg NGS DNA Library Prep Kit.

Easy & fast workflow

  • Enzymatic DNA fragmentation and library prep in a single tube
  • No Covaris shearing
  • PCR-free from 100 ng DNA
  • Easy automatable
  • Just 1 or 2 cleanup steps

No GC-bias and uniform coverage

  • Unbiased GC-coverage, similar to Covaris shearing
  • Uniform coverage for reliable and sensitive sequencing data
  • High lot-to-lot consistency

Sample flexibility

  • Flexible input range from 1-1000 ng
  • Work PCR-free with as little as 100 ng
  • Tunable fragment size of 200bp - 600 bp by enzymatic fragmentation


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