PME Free-circulating DNA Extraction Kit

  • Isolate free-circulating DNA from serum, plasma and urine
  • Easy and fast procedure
  • High recovery and purity
  • Scalable for sample volumes up to 10 ml
  • Manual or automated

Extracting circulating free DNA is a challenge...

Free-circulating DNA is very interesting as diagnostic target. However, cfDNA extraction is difficult, because the level of DNA that is circulating freely is usually very low and it consists of short DNA fragments <1000 nt. Standard nucleic acid extraction procedures are not fit for this application.

What is PME? How does it work?

PME is short for Polymer Mediated Enrichment. Unlike other methods this new PME technology does not start with sample lysis. The first step is capturing the free-circulating DNA on polymer beads. The complex is pelleted by centrifugation and the captured cfDNA is released from the beads into a buffer. The DNA is then subjected to spin-column purification. The purified DNA can be used for PCR, QPCR, bisulflte conversion or other enzymatic reactions.

Flexibility and automation

The kit is scalable and works with 1-5 ml serum or plasma or 5 to 10 ml urine. The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes for 1 ml to 1 hour for larger volumes.

The automated version of the kit makes use of the InnuPure® C16 Nucleic Acid Extraction System and processes up to 16 samples in parallel.

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