Gene Synthesis

Gene Synthesis covering any size and complexity

Stop wasting time using T4 DNA ligase, competent cells, InFusion cloning or Gateway cloning. Westburg now offers the gene synthesis services supplied by General Biosystems, pioneers of high-throughput on-chip gene synthesis.

With a top-level expert team, the most advanced equipment, sophisticated gene design and optimization software, General Biosystems can synthesize genes of any length and complexity to suit your needs.

Full Service Gene Synthesis

  • 100% sequence accuracy guaranteed
  • Up to 40 kb, no restrictions to GC% or complexity
  • Free cloning into one of 114 standard vectors
  • Free codon optimization on request
  • Fast delivery: <500 bp in 8 business days
  • Standard delivery 4-5 µg research-grade DNA
  • Optional plasmid DNA prep and purification

Need more speed? Choose Express Synthesis

  • Fastest delivery: <1000 bp in 5 business days
  • You get 400-500 ng linear dsDNA fragments
  • 85% sequence accuracy
  • Maximum size 2000 bp, GC% 20-80%
  • Free codon optimization on request