GeniePlex Quantitative Multiplex ELISA assays on your Flow Cytometer

What are GeniePlex Multiplex Kits

Genieplex kits are custom or premixed multiplexed bead-based immunoassay panels that allow you to assay up to 24 analytes using as little as 15μL sample on standard flow cytometers.

GeniePlex benefits

  • Analyze: Multiplex 2-24 analytes in a single 15ul sample in 2 hours

  • Wide Range of sample types, including cell culture supernatants, saliva, plasma, cell/tissue lysates, serum, BALF, pleural & peritoneal fluids

  • Sensitive: Measure as low as <10 pg/ml of each analyte

  • Dynamic: Lower limit < 20 pg/mL | Upper limit > 5,000 pg/mL

  • Flexible: Assays can be run on most validated flow cytometers (PE & either PE-Cy5 or APC detectors)

  • Validated: All assays fully tested for cross-reactivity

  • Premixed or custom-made: choose from 400 analytes

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Genieplex principle and procedure

GeniePlex is a bead-based multiplex immunoassay technology that uses multiple bead populations differentiated by size and fluorescence intensity. This allows quantitation of up to 24 analytes in a single reaction. Samples as small as 15µl can be easily read on most validated flow cytometers equipped with either a single 488nm laser or dual 488 and 633/640 lasers.

The assay procedure consists of a 60-minute antigen and capture antibody conjugated bead incubation step, a 30-minute biotinylated detection incubation step and a 20-minute streptavidin-PE incubation step.

GeniePlex workflow (Click to enlarge) GeniePlex workflow (Click to enlarge)

Get a Premixed Kit or compose your own from 400 analytes

You can choose from 400 assays for human, mouse, rat, porcine, canine & primates. Find your premixed panels to measure Cytokines, Chemokines, Inflammation, Th1/Th2 & Th1/Th2/Th17.

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Not finding what you need? We also offer custom multiplex assay panel design and development. You can contact us for further details.