Western Blot optimization tools

Western Blotting

Western Blot optimization tools


We make it easy for you: our Western Blot guides below help you to get the best out of your Western Blot experiments.

Get more hands-on information on Western Blotting by downloading our Western Blot guide & basic protocols.

You can also choose to go a bit further and learn more about the best Western Blot normalization methods available by reading our tactical Western Blot normalization guide.

Download Western Blot Guide & Protocols
Download Western Blot Normalization Guide


Have easy access to online available Western Blot protocols: get acquainted with protein normalization using total protein staining, quickly learn how to use Image Studio Lite software for Western Blot data analysis and other Western Blot protocols.

Use Image Studio™ Lite: the simple, intuitive and free Western Blot software, specifically designed to quickly analyze and export publication-ready Western Blot images. It’s free and available to any researcher.

Posters & Flyers

Are you into browsing short versions of whitepapers and application notes? Then get a sneek-peek into various methods to optimize your Western Blot workflow: view one of our Western Blot posters or - flyers below.

After this quick view, you can always decide to get into more details by downloading the full application note or whitepaper below.

Application Notes & Whitepapers

How confident are you about your western Blot data? Get more in-depth knowledge and optimize your Western Blot experiments with our application notes and whitepapers.

The ‘Good Western Gone Bad’ is one of our favorite whitepapers, describing step-by-step how to optimize Western Blot data with chemiluminescence imaging or using Near-InfraRed imaging technology.

First need to discover your possibilities of Near-InfraRed Western Blot imaging? Then download our application note and technical note about fluorescence imaging and lineair ranges of Western Blot imaging.

Would you like to know how to save time on your Western Blot workflow? Then read our application notes ‘Faster Protein Solution for Separations' and ‘PAGE Buffers’, showing you the possibilities to speed up the run- and blot time.

Receive 'Good Westerns Gone Bad' Whitepaper

How Confident are you about Your Western Blot Data?

How Confident are you about Your Western Blot Data?


If you are rather a 'listening'-person than a 'reading'-person, than listen to one of the webinars below and get more insights on why and how to normalize your Western Blots.

Want to know how to improve the reproducibility of your Western Blot data? Sit back and follow the 3-series webinars on 'Reproducibility in Science' (60 min total).

Western Blot Normalization What You Need to Know

Western Blot Normalization  What You Need to Know

Reproducibility in Science

Reproducibility in Science

On-Demand, Online Western Blotting Course

Consistent training is key to reproducible results that are ready for publication. Become a Western Blotting expert, so you know what to do to get reproducible Western Blot data ready for publication. Get you and your lab members trained with standardized Western Blotting protocols, video tutorials, and technical resources.

Become the Western Blotting expert, at the time and pace that is convenient for you!