MycoAlert Mycoplasma Detection Kit

Quickly test your cell cultures for Mycoplasma contamination

  • Test for Mycoplasma contamination in 20 minutes

  • Detects >44 mycoplasma species, including Mycoplasma hominis

  • Simple & fast Mycoplasma detection assay: no DNA extraction

  • Sensitive bioluminescent assay

  • No interference with bacteria (not lysed), fungi or yeast

MycoAlert assay: fast detection of mycoplasma contamination MycoAlert assay: fast detection of mycoplasma contamination

Comparison of mycoplasma tests

Agar culture test PCR methods Hoechst stain MycoAlert
2-3 weeks 4-5 hours Up to days < 20 minutes

Often done externally


Species detection depends on primer set

Also detects dead mycoplasma

Experience required

Risk of false positives

Assay detects the activity of mycoplasma/mollicutes enzymes



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