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Warehouse Sale

AmpliStar PCR Plates

Biometra Thermocyclers

ALPS Plate Heat Sealers

AmpliStar Adhesive Plate Seals

TripleA Low binding Tips

qTOWER3 QPCR Machine

Fluorescence Microscope

LUNA Cell Counters

RunBlue Dual Blotting System

InstantBlue Protein Gel Stain

FastBlot Western Blotter

Digital Western Blot Scanner

Western Blot Incubation Boxes

Odyssey Blocking Buffers

FlashGel Precast Gel System

Lonza SeaKem LE Agarose

Agarose Gel Systems

Mini UV Transilluminator

Blue Light Transilluminator

SmartExtraction Isolation Kits

Automated DNA/RNA Extraction

Small Volume NanoPhotometer

OD600 DiluPhotometer

Electroporation Cuvettes

TripleA Gel Loading Tips

U-Tube Microcentrifuge Tubes

UVP UV Crosslinker

TS1 and TSC Thermoshakers

Biometra Power Supplies

biotechrabbit DNA ladders

Thermal Printer Paper

Ice buckets and Ice Pans