Spotlight Spring Promotions & New Products


Promotions are valid until June 30, 2019.

Mention promo code SPOT5 when you order to get the discount.

These offers cannot be combined with other discounts or price agreements.


Please note that the printed edition of Spotlight Spring 2019 contains several errors. You can find the correct information here. We apologize for the confusion.

FinnPipette Novus

Electronic pipetting made easy

TripleA Bulk Low Binding Tips

Highest pipetting accuracy at a friendly price

AmpliStar 384-well PCR Plates

Great quality, small price tag

Armadillo No-Warp PCR Plates

Avoid traffic jams in your robotic system

Viability & Proliferation Assays

Get reliable answers about cell health

Annexin-V & Caspase Assays

Detect key apoptosis markers

Luminescent Cytotoxicity Assay

Go with the glow

jetOPTIMUS Transfection Reagent

Boost efficiency of hard-to-transfect cells

Quantom Tx Bacterial Cell Counter

Count each and every bacterial cell

Swift Amplicon 16S + ITS NGS Panel

Comprehensive Microbiome Profiling

qTOWER3 G QPCR Machine

Fast multiplexing with lowest CV%


Sensitive and robust QPCR

DreamTaq PCR Master Mix

Robust PCR, Minimal optimization

Phusion Hot-Start High-Fidelity

Proven PCR accuracy and speed

Direct PCR master Mixes

Amplify without DNA purification