Spotlight Year-End Promotions 2019

Get the best value from your remaining 2019 budget with our Spotlight year-end promotions!

Mention promo code SPOT7 when you order to qualify for the discount.

Offers are valid until December 17th, 2019 and cannot be combined with other discounts or price agreements.

Biometra Thermocyclers

Ultimate speed & PCR performance

AmpliStar PCR & QPCR Plates

Ultra-thin, crystal clear & compatible

TripleA Low Binding Tips

Highest pipetting accuracy

qTOWER3 QPCR Machines

Fast multiplexing with lowest CV%

ALPS 50V Plate Heat Sealer

100% leak-proof sealing

Compact Agarose Gel Tanks

Robust gel tanks built to last

Biometra Power Supplies

Reliable & flexible control

Electroporation Cuvettes

Unique design for maximum efficiency

InstantBlue protein gel stain

Easy, one-step, 15-minute staining

Cell Culture Antibiotics

Keep microorganisms under control

MycoZAP Mycoplasma remedies

Eliminate and prevent Mycoplasma

Westburg NGS DNA Library Kit

Excellent libraries without DNA shearing

GENIUS Transfection Reagent

Fast, economical & efficient transfection

FlashGel Precast Gel Cassettes

Run an agarose gel in just 5 minutes

Amintra His-tag Purification

High protein yield & purity at lower cost

TruCool Ice Buckets & Pans

Versatile benchtop sample cooling

innuPREP PCR Cleanup Kits

2-step cleanup in 3 minutes

Maxima H Minus RT kits

Maximize cDNA synthesis performance

Matrix Reagent Reservoirs

Minimize reagent waste and spillage