Introducing TruePrime Primer-free DNA Amplification Technology

TruePrime is a revolutionary DNA amplification technology that does not require synthetic random primers. Instead it uses TthPrimPol, a unique enzyme that synthesizes primers directly and randomly on the target sequence.

TruePrime benefits

  • No primer artefacts

  • Excellent sensitivity and reproducibility

  • Superior single-cell WGA

  • Lower amplification bias in genome coverage

See how TruePrime works in 3 minutes

Nature Communications paper on TruePrime™ technology

Nature Communications, one of the most important references for researchers, has recently published a paper on TruePrime™. The article was peer reviewed by opinion leaders and offers a solid technical foundation of the technology. Read the full paper here.

Quote from the article:
"This novel method demonstrates superior breadth and evenness of genome coverage, high reproducibility, excellent single nucleotide variant (SNV) detection rates with low allelic dropout (ADO) and low chimera formation as exemplified by sequencing Hek293 cells. Moreover, copy number variant (CNV) calling yields superior results compared to random primer-based MDA methods."