IRDye NIR-FRET Caspase-3 Assay

  • Subnanomolar enzyme detection
  • NIR detection dramatically reduces background, scattering and interference from other compounds
  • Suitable for high throughput screening of enzyme activity
  • Up to 61-fold fluorescence intensity enhancement upon digestion
  • Inh
IRDye 800CW/QC-1 CSP-3 substrate is a sensitive reagent to detect Caspase-3 activity, measure potency of inhibitors and screen compound collections for discovery of drug candidates. The substrate for the Caspase-3 Assay, as outlined in the pack insert, is a highly-quenched NIR-FRET peptide, IRDye 800CW-GDEVDGAK(IRDye QC-1)-COOH. Cleavage of the substrate peptide separates the donor-quencher pair (IRDye 800CW/QC-1) and restores the fluorescence signal of the donor.

The Caspase-3 Assay is optimized for use on Odyssey® and Aerius® Infrared Imaging Systems which use near-infrared excitation (780 nm) and near-infrared detection (820 ± 10 nm).

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LI 926-08590 IRDye 800CW-QC-1 CSP-3