LDH Cytotoxicity assay kit

  • For quantitative determination of LDH cytotoxicity
  • Safe: non-radioactive assay
  • Robust and amenable to HTS
  • Single reagent, “mix-incubate-measure” type assay

Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) cytotoxicity assay can be performed in order to quantitatively determine cell cytotoxicity in the form of tissue or cell damage. LDH is released into the cellular environment when the integrity of the cellular membrane is no longer maintained and is, thus, a direct measure of cell cytotoxicity.

Assay Genie's LDH Cytotoxicity assay kit is based on the reduction of NADto NADH and H+ through the oxidation of lactate to pyruvate, which is catalyzed by LDH. The newly formed NADH and H+ catalyze the reduction of tetrazolium salt (INT) to a highly colored formazan dye with optimum absorbance at 500nm. The amount of formazan produced is proportional to the amount of LDH released in the media as a result of cytotoxicity.

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RG BA0001 LDH Cytotoxicity Assay Kit - 100 assays