Luminescent ATP Assay Kit

  • Bioluminescent ATP assay for cell viability, proliferation, cytotoxicity
  • Sensitive and accurate: as low as 50 cells can be quantified
  • Mix-incubate-measure-type assay
  • Robust and amenable to high-throughput screening (HTS)

ATP is a key indicator of cellular activity and has been utilized as a measure of cell viability and cytotoxicity.

Assay Genie's Cytotoxicity Assay Kit provides a rapid method to measure intracellular ATP, cell viability and cytotoxicity. The single working reagent lyses cells to release ATP, which, in the presence of luciferase, immediately reacts with D-luciferin to produce light. The light intensity is a direct measure of the number of living cells. The reagent is compatible with all culture media and liquid handling systems.

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Cat no. Description
RG BA0096 Cytotoxicity Assay Kit (Luminescent) - 100 assays