ToxiLight Cytotoxicity Assay Kit

  • Sensitive Adenylate Kinase assay: 10 cells per well
  • Non-destructive: use cell culture supernatant
  • Simple: one step, one reagent
  • Fast: results in 5 minutes
  • Media can be frozen with no loss of AK activity

Sensitive Adenylate Kinase Assay

The ToxiLight BioAssay Kit determines cytotoxicity by measuring the activity of the enzyme Adenylate Kinase that is released from cells when they die. As the number of lysed cells increases, Adenylate kinase accumulates in the supernatant, which results in a higher signal from the ToxiLight™ reagent.

Unlike many other cytotoxicity assays, there is no need for cell lysis. This makes the assay very fast and simple and allows you to take repeated samples from the same well over time without disrupting the cells. In addition, the cells may be used for other analyses, such as RNA or protein.

The assay signal is very stable, which enables batch processing in high-throughput screening applications.


Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
LO LT07-117 ToxiLight Assay Kit - 1000 tests
LO LT07-217 ToxiLight Assay Kit - 500 tests
LO LT07-517 ToxiLight 100% Lysis Control Set - 10 ml
LO LT17-217 ToxiLight Assay Kit with plates - 500 tests