Acetate assay kit

  • For quantitative determination of acetic acid or acetate
  • Colorimetric and fluorometric acetate (acetic acid) assays
  • Use as little as 10 μL samples
  • Sample types: serum, plasma, food, agriculture and environment
  • Results in 30 minutes

Acetate is a common anion and found in the carbohydrate - and fat metabolism. Its acid form, acetic acid, is found in various forms of life, such as foodstuffs, water and soil. Acetic acid is the main component of vinegar, and extensively used in food, dyes, paints, glue and synthetic fibres.

This acetate assay uses enzyme-coupled reactions to form a colored, fluorescent product. The color absorbance at 570nm or fluorescence intensity at 530nm/585nm is directly proportional to the acetate concentration in the sample.

  • Protocol length is just 30 minutes
  • Use as little as 10 μL samples
  • Detection range: 0.20 to 20 mM acetate for colorimetric assays and 0.13 to 2 mM for fluorimetric assays.

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Cat no. Description
RG BA0140 Acetate Assay Kit (Colorimetric and Fluorometric) - 100 assays