Oxalate assay kit

  • For quantitative determination of oxalate (oxalic acid)
  • Use as little as 10 µL
  • Linear detection range 20-1500 µM oxalate
  • High-throughput adaptable
  • For urine, animal and plant tissue samples

Oxalate or Oxalic Acid is a metabolic breakdown product of the Kreb’s Cycle in eukaryotes, and the glyoxylate cycle in other microorganisms. It can be found in the urine of humans and other mammals.

Assay Genie’s oxalate assay kit uses a single Working Reagent that combines the oxalate oxidase reaction and color reaction in one step. The change in color intensity of the reaction product at 595 nm is directly proportional to oxalate in the sample.

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Cat no. Description
RG BA0141 Oxalate Assay Kit (Colorimetric) - 100 assays