ADP/ATP assay kits

  • For quantitative determination of ADP and ADP/ATP ratio in cells and other biological samples
  • Sensitive and accurate
  • Convenient: “Mix-incubate-measure” type assays
  • Can be readily automated on HTS liquid handling systems
  • Safe, non-radioactive ADP/ATP assays

Adenosine diphosphate (ADP) is the product of ATP dephosphorylation by ATPases. ADP can be converted back to ATP by ATP synthases. ADP levels regulate several enzymes involved in intermediary metabolism.

In the fluorometric ADP Assay Kit, ADP is converted to ATP and pyruvate. The generated pyruvate is then quantified by a fluorometric method (Ex/Em = 530/590nm).

The Luminescent ADP Assay Kit involves two steps to measure the total ADP and ATP concentrations in the samples, through reaction with D-luciferin to produce light. The light intensities in both steps are a direct measure of intracellular ATP concentration and the total ADP and ATP concentration in the sample.

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Cat no. Description
RG BA0063 ADP Assay Kit (Fluorometric) - 100 assays
RG BA0072 ADP Assay Kit (Luminescent) - 100 assays
RG BA0127 ADP/ATP Ratio Assay Kit - 100 assays