Adipolysis assay kit

  • For quantitative assay of adipolysis
  • Use as little as 10 μL samples
  • Sensitive: wide linear detection ranges
  • Convenient: "Add-Incubate-Read" assay
  • Compatible with culture media containing phenol red

Adipolysis or lipolysis is a highly regulated process in fat metabolism, in which triglycerides are broken down into glycerol and free fatty acids.

Assay Genie’s adipolysis assay kit directly measures glycerol released during adipolysis. This homogeneous assay uses a single Working Reagent that combines glycerol kinase, glycerol phosphate oxidase and color reactions in one step. The color intensity of the reaction product at 570nm is directly proportional to glycerol concentration in the sample.

Robust and amenable to HTS assays: assays can be performed in 96 or 384-well plates.

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Cat no. Description
RG BA0076 Adipolysis Assay Kit - 200 assays