Coenzyme A (CoA) assay kit

  • Quantitative measurement of Coenzyme A activity
  • Sensitive: use as little as 10 μL samples
  • Convenient: room temperature “mix-and-read” type assay

Sensitive assay for Coenzyme A activity

Coenzyme A is involved in many important biological activities including the synthesis and oxidation of fatty acids, pyruvate oxidation in the citric acid cycle and many others. One of coenzymes A most crucial roles is the carrying and transferring of acyl groups.

In this Coenzyme A assay, the first step enzymatically converts CoA to acyl-CoA and the second step oxidizes the acyl-CoA producing an enoyl-CoA and H2O2. The resulting H2O2 reacts with a specific dye to form a pink colored product. The optical density at 570nm or fluorescence intensity (530/585 nm) is directly proportional to the coenzyme A concentration in the sample.

  • Linear detection range: colorimetric assay 5 – 1000 μM, fluorimetric assay 3 – 100 μM CoA.
  • Can be readily automated for high-throughput assay of thousands of samples per day.
CoA Assay standard curve


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RG BA0093 Coenzyme A (CoA) Assay Kit (Colorimetric/Fluorometric) - 100 assays