Aconitase assay kit

  • For quantitative determination of aconitase enzyme activity
  • Sensitive: linear detection range 0.5 to 100 U/L
  • Fast 20 min reaction
  • Convenient “mix-incubate-measure” type assay

Aconitase is an enzyme in the citric acid (TCA) cycle that catalyzes the conversion of citrate to isocitrate. 

Assay Genie’s aconitase activity assay measures the isocitrate generated as a product of the aconitase reaction. The isocitrate is then oxidized producing NADPH and the oxidation product. The NADPH converts the dye to an intense violet color with an absorption maximum at 565 nm. The increase in absorbance at 565 nm is directly proportional to aconitase activity.

For use with biological samples (e.g. cell lysate, tissue homogenate, serum, etc.).

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Cat no. Description
RG BA0070 Aconitase Assay Kit - 100 assays