PPiLight™ Inorganic Pyrophosphate Assay

  • Fast - Ready in 1 hour
  • Simple 2 step, luminescent assay
  • No radioactive substrates, beads, detection antibodies or modified substrates
  • Wide linear detection range: 0.02 - 10 µM
  • Versatile - scalable to 96-, 384-, 1586-well formats

Inorganic pyrophosphate (or diphosphate, pyrophosphoric acid or PPi) is a small diphosphate molecule that is required as a substrate for or is the product formed from a number of different enzymatic reactions.

Enzymes that use PPi as a substrate include phosphotransferases and pyrophosphatases. Enzymes that generate PPi include cyclases, hydrolases and ligases.

PPiLight™ assay is a non-radioactive bioluminescent assay for the detection of inorganic pyrophosphate. In the presence of PPi the detection reagent catalyses the conversion of AMP to ATP. The assay uses luciferase, which produces light from the newly formed ATP and luciferin. The amount of light produced is directly proportional to the amount of PPi present in the sample.

The assay does not require any radioactive substrates, beads, modified substrates or antibodies. It can be performed in 96-, 384- or 1536- well plates and is suitable for miniaturization.

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LO LT07-610 PPiLight inorganic Pyrophosphate Assay - 500 assays