LUNA Automated Cell Counter

  • Complete counting result in 7 seconds
  • Accurate live/dead discrimination
  • Succesfull counting of cell clumps
  • Detection of 3-60 μm cell sizes
  • Direct on-screen verification
  • Re-analysis options with saved images

The LUNA automated cell counter is a stand-alone compact instrument that you can easily operate via the touch screen. The system accurately measures cell number and viability for various purposes.

How does the LUNA automated cell counter work?

With the LUNA automated cell counter you obtain accurate live/dead cell counting results within 7 seconds. Since the system uses the well-known LUNA software, clumpy cells are de-clustered quickly and the number of individual cells present in the sample are automatically counted. The software also eliminates cell debris during counting.

You can count cell suspension concentrations ranging from 50,000 to 10 million cells/mL and with cell sizes ranging from 3 to 60 μm. Counting is fast and easy:

  1. Mix your sample 1:1 with 0.4% trypan blue and load it on the Luna counting slide
  2. Insert the slide
  3. Focus properly
  4. Count the cells and save your results.








Various cell types have succesfully been counted with the Luna cell counter.

Lower counting cost per sample

To count your cell suspension with the LUNA automated cell counter, innovative precision cell counting slides have been developed that are more efficiently than counting slides that are used with other cell counters. The unit price of the LUNA cell counting slides is almost half of the other brands, saving significant consumable costs.

On-board monitoring and re-analysis options

After you perform the cell counting, you can immediately monitor which cells are counted as live or dead on the touchscreen. Green and red circles indicate each live and dead cell. You don’t need additional PC software to check your cell counting result.

You can save your results as a high resolution TIFF image file and/or PDF-format report file. Re-analysis options for the saved image file are provided by the system. So whenever you want to perform re-counting, you can do it again and again with your saved images.

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LB L10001 Luna Automated Cell Counter