LUNA-II Automated Cell Counter

  • Unique autofocusing technology
  • Fully automated cell counting & viability analysis
  • Very fast: get your count in 7 seconds
  • Accurate counting of clustered cells
  • Histogram and cell-size gating options
  • Low cost per count

Automated cell counting and viability analysis

cell counter slideWith the LUNA-II automated cell counter you can count samples with or without trypan blue dye. The selection of trypan blue presence or absence can be easily chosen in the settings menu. Since the LUNA-II can accurately discriminate between live and dead cells, you can get a complete analysis of cell viability. The new autofocusing technology of the LUNA-II allows you to just load your sample and run the count; no need for manual focusing.

Counting of various cell types; individually or clustered

Like the other LUNA counters, the LUNA-II automated cell counter has inherited the well-known performance aspect of the LUNA software. Herewith, clumpy cells are de-clustered quickly and automatically counted. Counted cells are displayed by the LUNA II cluster map as the percentage of single cells, doublets, or triplets. This makes monitoring changes in culture conditions or cell isolation/preparation protocols easy.

You can count your cell suspensions from concentrations ranging from 50,000 to 10 million cells/mL, with cell sizes ranging from 3 to 60 μm. Various cell types have succesfully been counted with the LUNA II.

Histogram and gating tools

After counting, you can gate your cells based on their size information provided by the LUNA-II. The specific size of cell populations can be easily included or excluded on histograms. The review and re-analysis option allows you to review saved cell images directly on the LUNA II and count your cells again using different parameters.

File save and printer options

After counting your cells, results are automatically saved in the memory, that can store up to 1,000 counts. Data and images can be exported to a USB stick in CSV, TIF, annotated TIF, or PDF format. With the optional built-in printer you can directly print your counting data.

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
LB L40001 Luna-II Automated Cell Counter, with built-in printer
LB L40002 Luna-II Automated Cell Counter
LB P12002 Luna-II Printer Paper, 2 x 5 rolls