LUNA-II Automated Cell Counter

  • Powerful brightfield automated cell counter
  • Unique autofocus technology
  • Accurate, reliable cell counting of live, dead and clustered cells
  • Fast, automated cell counting within 15 seconds
  • Fits any cell culture hood or benchtop

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Easy automated cell counting and viability analysis

The autofocusing technology of the LUNA-II automated cell counter allows you to just insert your sample slide and press "Count".

The LUNA-II does the rest: bringing your cells into the sharpest focus, adjusting light levels, capturing a high-resolution image, and analyzing the image to produce accurate cell count and viability data. And all that in just 15 seconds.

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Easy and accurate cell counting with LUNA-II Easy and accurate cell counting with LUNA-II

Counting of various cell types; individually or clustered

All LUNA automated cell counters are equiped with innovative software which quickly de-clusters and automatically counts cell clumps and analyze them as single cells, doublets, or triplets. With the LUNA-II automated cell counter you can count cells with cell sizes ranging from 3 to 60 μm.

Easy counting of cell clumps with LUNA-II Easy counting of cell clumps with LUNA-II

Cell counting analysis

You can verify your results immediately with the integrated software of the LUNA-II automated cell counter. Easily gate your cells based on their cell size or save your cell counting images for later analysis using different parameters.

Results are automatically saved in the memory, that can store up to 1,000 counts. Data and images can be exported to a USB stick in CSV, TIF, annotated TIF, or PDF format. With the optional built-in printer you can directly print your counting data.

Automated cell counting analysis Automated cell counting analysis

LUNA-II counts fast and reliable. It saves me several minutes lab work per day. LUNA-II is everybody's friend in our lab.

Katja Jansen, Universiteit Utrecht
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LB L40001 Luna-II Automated Cell Counter, with built-in printer
LB L40002 Luna-II Automated Cell Counter
LB P12002 Luna-II Printer Paper, 2 x 5 rolls