LUNA-II YF Yeast Cell Counter

  • Fast – cell count and viability data in just 15 seconds
  • Simple - just a few taps on the touchscreen
  • Accurate – a tried, tested, and trusted cell counting algorithm
  • Convenient – automatic reports with cell images, histograms, protocols & data
  • Affordable - lowest cost per count

Accurate automated yeast cell counting in 15 seconds or less

Yeast counting has never been this fast and easy. The LUNA-II YF™ is a fully automated, image-based yeast cell counter. Dual fluorescence optics, an autofocusing liquid lens, and an advanced counting algorithm produce yeast cell count and viability data in just 15 seconds.

No more subjectivity and wasted time on manual cell counting. LUNA-II YF counts yeast cells stained with fluorescent nucleic acid dyes with the precision and consistency of a flow cytometer, but in a much shorter time.

Luna compared to flow cytometry and glass hemocytometer counting

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Cat no. Description
LB L50001 LUNA-II YF Automated Yeast Cell Counter