LUNA-FL Automated Fluorescence Cell Counter

  • Brightfield & fluorescence cell counting
  • Fast fluorescence cell counting results in 30 sec.
  • Sensitive detection of most cell types
  • GFP transfection assays with sensitive live/dead discrimination
  • Versatile small automated cell counter

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Automated cell counting for most cell types

The LUNA-FL is the powerhouse of the LUNA family, having four counting modes. This fluorescence automated cell counter combines brightfield and dual fluorescence optics. Counting live and dead cells with trypan blue staining or performing GFP transfection analysis using fluorescently stained cells; the LUNA-FL allows you to get the most sensitive cell analysis results.

You can count your cell suspensions with cell sizes ranging from 1 to 90 μm. Various cell types including cell lines, primary cells, stem cells and PBMC's have succesfully been counted with the LUNA-FL.

LUNA-FL brightfield and fluorescence cell counting optics LUNA-FL brightfield and fluorescence cell counting optics
Cell counting of primary cells with the LUNA-FL Cell counting of primary cells with the LUNA-FL

GFP transfection efficiency analysis

High resolution images are captured and analyzed to detect GFP-positive and -negative cells. Brightfield and fluorescence cell images are analyzed within 30 sec. to detect GFP positive and negative cells in your sample and the corresponding fluorescence intensity histogram is displayed on the touchscreen for further analysis.

With the interactive software of the LUNA-FL you can immediately gate your counted cells based on their size. Using the histogram that displays live and dead cell population, you can easily exclude or include the particles by simple dragging.

Transfecion efficiency analysis with automated cell counter Transfecion efficiency analysis with automated cell counter

Data report and printer options

After counting your cells, results are automatically saved in the memory, that can store up to 1,000 counts. If you would like to analyze your results further, results can be exported via the USB port as a .CSV file. You can also save your results and images  as a PDF report file.

If you would like to print your data immediately  after getting your counting results, the LUNA-FL provides a compact mobile printer. This plug & play mobile printer is ready-to-use after the USB to USB connection and accepts thermal roll paper or label paper.

Automated cell counters comparison

Not sure if you need fluorescence in addition to brightfield optics for your automated cell counting experiments? See our LUNA-II and LUNA-FL automated cell counters comparison and decide which automated cell counter best fits your needs.

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