ABM/AGM Astrocyte Growth media

  • Optimized for astrocyte growth in cell culture
  • For human and animal astrocytes
  • Serum-free astrocyte cell culture media

Clonetics™ ABM/AGM Astrocyte Growth Media have been developed to support the growth of primary human astrocytes. The media are provided as convenient BulletKits™ which contain basal medium and necessary growth factors. Basal medium and SingleQuots™ Kit growth factors are available separately.

Clonetics™ ABM/AGM Primary Astrocyte Growth Media can be used to culture human and animal astrocytes in serum-free environment.

normal Human Astrocytes

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
LO CC-3186 AGM Astrocyte BulletKit (CC-3187+CC-4123)
LO CC-3187 ABM Astrocyte Basal Medium, 500 ml
LO CC-4123 AGM Astrocyte SingleQuot Kit