OCP Osteoclast Precursor Growth & Differentiation media

  • For expansion and differentiation of Osteoclast Precursor cells

The Poietics™ Osteoclast Precursor Cell system (Bulletkit + Octeoclast Precursor cells) has been designed for use in high-throughput applications to conduct research on osteoporosis, bone resorption, and other bone-related diseases. The system yields up to 50% conversion of precursors to osteoclasts when differentiated.

The OCP Octeoclast Precursor BulletKit™ Medium provides you with a basal medium (negative control) and SingleQuots to generate a positive control medium guaranteed to induce differentiation of OCP cells into mature, functionally active osteoclasts.

Each bottle of the OCP BulletKit™ Medium contains enough differentiation medium to fully differentiate approximately 1.5 million osteoclast precursor cells [approximately 1.5 complete 96-well plates] into mature, functionally active osteoclasts.

The basal medium and SingleQuots can also be purchased seperately.


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Cat no. Description
LO PT-8001 OCP Osteoclast Precur. BulletKit (PT-8201+PT-9501)
LO PT-8201 OCP Osteoclast Precur. Basal Medium, 100 ml
LO PT-9501 OCP Osteoclast Precur. SingleQuot Kit