PGM-2 Preadipocyte Growth media

  • Pre-adipocyte proliferation & differentiation medium
  • Complete pre-adipocyte cell culture medium

PGM™ -2 Pre-adipocyte Growth Medium BulletKit™ provides both a proliferation medium and a differentiation medium guaranteed to induce differentiation of pre-adipocytes into mature, functionally active adipocytes.

Each bottle of the PGM-2™ BulletKit™ Medium contains enough differentiation medium to fully differentiate 10 million preadipocytes [10 complete 96-well plates] into mature, functionally active adipocytes. 

The PGM™-2 Medium is offered as a complete pre-adipocyte cell culture medium including the basal medium and the necessary SingleQuots supplements for both proliferation and differentiation of preadipocytes. Both components can also be purchased individually. 

 The SingleQuots includes following growth supplements: Indomethacin, 0.4 ml; 3-Isobutyl- 1-methylxanthine, 0.2 ml; Dexamethasone, 0.2 ml; Insulin, 2 ml; L-Glutamine, 5 ml; FBS, 50 ml; GA-1000, 0.5 ml.

Visceral preadipocytes, differentiated and stained with AdipoRed™ Assay reagent.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Lonza website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
LO PT-8002 PGM-2 Preadipocyte growth medium BulletKit (PT-8202 + PT-9502)
LO PT-8202 PBM-2 Pre-adipocyte Basal Medium, 500 ml
LO PT-9502 PGM-2 Preadipocyte SingleQuot Kit