HL-1 FBS Substitute

  • Replacement for serum
  • No more batch testing
  • No risk of pathogens or other contaminants
  • Low protein level: <30µg/ml
  • Supports growth of variety of cell lines

Serum replacement

HL-1 FBS Substitute is a medium additive that can be used to (partially) replace serum in a variety of basal media. It contains less than 30 μg protein/ml when diluted 1:100 in medium and it does not contain bovine serum albumin or other undefined protein components.

Growth support of numerous cell lines

HL-1 serum replacement, when added to most basal media, will support the growth of mouse hybridoma cells and other differentiated cells of lymphoid origin (e.g. U937, MCF-7, SW780 and many more). 

Download the full list of tested cell lines.

Suitable media include RPMI 1640, IMDM and DMEM:F12. In addtion, for serum-reduced cell culture DMEM containing 1% FBS can be used.

Adaptation of serum-dependent cells to medium with HL-1

Weaning cell lines from serum-containing media may be recommended. The following protocol will aid adaptation to a serum-free environment in media containing HL-1™ Supplement by gradual reduction of the serum concentration:

  • Week 1 – Reduce the serum concentration to 5% FBS.
  • Week 2 – Reduce the serum concentration to 2% FBS and add HL-1™ Supplement at 1%.
  • Week 3 – Reduce the serum concentration to 1% FBS with HL-1™ Supplement at 1%.
  • Week 4 – Reduce the serum concentration to 0.5% FBS with HL-1™ Supplement at 1%.
  • Week 5 – Reduce the serum concentration to 0.25% FBS with HL-1™ Supplement at 1%.
  • Week 6 – Eliminate FBS and culture cells in serum-free HL-1™ Supplement-containing medium.

NOTE: At each step in the weaning process, cells will show an initial lag in growth rate. Passage the cells three times per week during the weaning period, seeding at a density of 1-2 x 105 cells/ml. Keep cell density below 8-10 x 105 cells/ml. After reduction to 0.5% serum, a greater growth lag may be observed. Under these conditions, a higher seeding density and less frequent passaging may be required until cells resume their normal growth characteristics.


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