PC-1 Serum-free Medium

  • Serum-free media
  • Intended for culture of primary cells
  • Intended for culture of anchorage-dependent cell lines
  • Formulated using defined components
  • Low-protein medium

Serum-free medium for optimal cell growth

PC-1 Serum-free medium is suitable for the culture of primary cells and anchorage-dependent cell lines and intended for optimal cell growth.

PC-1™ Medium contains a complete HEPES buffering system with known amounts of recombinant human insulin, transferrin and proprietary proteins (at the lowest concentration possible).

PC-1™ Medium can be used for a variety of research and industrial applications.

Need help with switching to serum-free media?

Do you need any help to get started with serum-free cell culture? Let us guide you through the steps of switching to serum-free media!

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
LO 77232 PC-1 Chemically Defined Serum-Free Medium w/o L-Glutamine 2x500 ml